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June / July / August 2023

Driven Tutors are experts in providing personalised support in preparation for elite UK universities/top independent schools including Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League, G5 and other top Russell group universities. With over 5 years of experiences in assisting students with application to UK and US’s most competitive universities, we are specialist in providing personalised support with every aspect of the application – from university selection strategy, test preparation and personal statement/essay support, to extracurricular mentoring and interview practice.


These sessions are courses/ classes run both online and offline. The student to teacher ratio varies depending on the admission test/interview course being offered.


The workshop is led by a personal statement expert who has attended Imperial College London and has successfully coached students from personal statement stage through to offer stage of the following universities: Oxbridge, Imperial College London, LSE and UCL as well as Russel Group Universities.


The personal statement will run as follows:


3 hour webinar  where the personal statement instructor will run through what the perfect personal statement should look like and walk you through step by step on what should be included with each paragraph. Examples of poor and excellent statements will be gone through so that you will have a crystal-clear idea of what to write.


After the workshop, you will have 2 weeks to submit a complete personal statement and one our expert tutors will provide written personal statement feedback for each student in the form of tracked changes and comments and’ make sure that it jumps off the page’. 


With extensive knowledge of the interview requirements for 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry as well as university admissions, our mock interviews give students the opportunity to practice different formats of interviews and understand how best to prepare for the interviews. The interview will be tailored to the students target school/ university and will usually last between 30-60 mins depending on the type of interview conducted.


Following the interview, the students will be given verbal feedbacks on strength, weaknesses and target points for improvements relating to both the child’s character and academic ability.


Driven Tutors have a wealth of experience in supporting students to perform at their absolute best in the admission examinations. We offer support for a range of admission assessment including 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry as well as university admissions. These include:


  • University Admission examinations including: BMAT, STEP, MAT, UCAT Examinations.                                                                                           Please Note: UCAT Workshop will run between Saturday 15th - 16th of July 2023.

  • Mock Examination for 11+, GCSE & A-Level Students


A student’s admission test results can determine whether or not they proceed to that all-important interview. This is why Driven Tutors puts heavy emphasis on preparation and strategy.


Due to the wide variety of the Admission and Exam interview sessions being offered, please enquire now and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please fill in the contact form on the Register Page to:

  • Register your interest in one of the courses

  • Request a particular service

  • Receive a free call back where one of our representatives will explain to you why we are different and how you can sign up to one of our courses

  • Reserve your spot on one of our programmes for when our centre reopen


Or alternatively please send us an email to


We would like to thank you in advance for contacting us and we look forward to working with you.

You can register for one of our online courses by filling in the form below

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