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At Driven Tutors we respect your privacy and treat your personal data with the utmost care and respect. Find out more in our policies below.

  • Is online tutoring effective?
    As the world becomes increasingly connected, online tuition is becoming increasingly popular. Online tutoring works on the same basis as face-to face, except the tutor is not present in the room. It is worth remembering that online is just another channel of getting tutoring help for your child. Expert teaching and guidance, personalised tutoring tailored to your child’s specific educational needs and goals produce results no matter the format used to deliver it. All good online tutors should come with the same guarantees and provide the same learning experience as face-to face tuition. Choosing the right online tuition delivering both engaging and effective tuition will make the difference to the child’s academic performance and confidence.
  • What are the benefits of online tutoring?
    Online tutoring literally opens up the whole world and students have access to a wider network of the best tutors to choose from. This increases your ability to find exactly the right tutor for your child’s needs. With no travelling involved, there will be an added flexibility with lesson scheduling. The tuition can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your child. Online tutoring also provides students with access to a wider range of resources during the session including notes created during the sessions, worksheets and homework. This allows student to be fully engaged during the session.
  • How is the day structured?
    The session begins with a mock examination which is designed to ensure that students are alert and ready to start the day. This half lasts for 90 mins. In the second half , students will work through topics that they’re struggling with in small groups and are also given personalised tuition to help fill in knowledge gaps and tackle areas that they’re struggling with. There is a 30-mins break in between two halves of 90 mins. The course structure enables students to learn through a combination of personalised tuition, independent learning, peer support and group study. Where courses are held online, we still endeavour to ensure that the students gets the same experience as face to face.
  • What is your success rate?
    We’ve maintained a 100% success rate since last year. Our students have received offers from Grammar, private schools including Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Latymer School, Dame Alice Owens School, Harrow, Haberdashers, Henrietta Barnett, Mill Hill County, North London Collegiate School, St Olave’s Grammar School, Highgate School.
  • Is it possible to be fully engaged online for long durations?
    Our tutors specialise in online teaching and use a combination of learning tools to create an interactive learning environment. The tutors provide equal attention to familiarising with the content as well as working through exam questions. Providing practical, lively examples as well as asking challenging questions instills curiosity in students to go beyond the required curriculum, thus keeping the child fully engaged in the sessions no matter how long the sessions are.
  • How will the tutor know what my child needs help with?
    We provide a free consultation session, where prospective student interested to be enrolled to summer intensive course will be entitled 1-hour exam per subject, an evaluation of your child's strengths and weaknesses and a free 30 mins trial lesson. You can book your free consolation by clicking here: The follow-on free trial lesson will provide tutors an opportunity to observe student’s current situation. Students will also be handed a student review form where they can honestly review their strengths and weaknesses. These activities help to form a good picture of the student’s current educational level.
  • Do you suggest enrolling onto the 11+ Mock Examination?
    We highly recommend that you sign-up to our in-person/online invigilated 11+ mock examination. The examination has been designed to provide experience of the actual 11+ examination covering Non-verbal reasoning, Verbal reasoning, Mathematics and English elements. You will receive feedback within 48 hours of sitting the examination. Student’s weaknesses seen in the examination will be addressed during the course.
  • How do you monitor my child’s progress?
    At the beginning of every session, we set mock examination for our students which is a combination of CEM, GL, CSSE, ISBL, SET and Independent school style questions. This continuous assessment ensures your child continues making progress in preparation for the 11+ examinations
  • Does Driven Tutors work alongside 11+ Examination Boards?
    Yes. Driven Tutors works alongside the 11+ Examination Boards. Our sessions use a unique combination of a range of lesrning methods to allow students to tailor their education according to the specific examination boards and seek support with struggling topics.
  • How do I secure my child’s place on the course?
    Simply click on the enrolment button above and book a consultation
  • I am looking for a face-to-face course, what should I do?"
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 course will be held online. We successfully held courses online throughout the past 12 months and are confident that we can deliver an oustanding experience. The results of last year's intake reflect the quality of our programme. If you are adamant on a face-to-face course, it's best to look for an alternative provider.
  • I know my child’s weaknesses, can I dictate the direction of the course?"
    During the initial consultation, students will be handed a student review form where they can honestly review their strengths and weaknesses. The responses will be taken into consideration while designing the course content. This is a group course which means that we have support all students equally. We endeavor to give personalized support where possible and support all students equally.
  • My child has additional needs, can they take part in the course?"
    Of course. We have always taught children with additional learning needs and are experienced with supporting them. If your child needs any additional tools to help them focus, we recommend that you inform us before the course begins whilst also making those tools accessible to them during the course.
  • Is it possible to signup for just one or two weeks?
    We've designed the course so that each week develops on the previous week, we therefore recommend that students take part for three weeks so that they are able to experience the full benefits of the course. If your child cannot attend the full course due to personal circumstances, please contact us to discuss taking part in one or two weeks or alternatively 1:1 sessions. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces available for students. We therefore recommend booking into a consultation and enrolling on the course early to avoid disappointment.
  • Are teachers vetted?
    Absolutely. All incoming tutor must be Enhanced DBS checked before they will be allowed to teach at our education centre. Furthermore, we specifically handpick tutors that are experienced, qualified, have stellar reputations and glowing references from previous employers.
  • Do you work with students who live abroad but want to apply or a place at a British School?
    Certainly. Many of our students come from countries such as the USA, Dubai, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and Japan. We have a vast level of experience in supporting these students and helping them to become more acquainted with the British curriculum and 11+/ ISEB exam content. We always strive to ensure that all of our students, regardless of their nationality, enjoy their experience of studying with us.
  • Do you offer discount on the course?
    We recommend that you buy our early bird discount and buying multiple courses can also contribute to additional discounts.
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers/ tax-free childcare payment?
    Currently we do not accept vouchers/tax-free childcare payment. However, we are in the process of introducing this feature in the future and you will be notified either in person or via email when these changes take place.
  • I would like to talk to a member of your team. What is the best way to get in contact with you?
    If you have any questions regarding the courses on offer, how we operate, our tutors or anything else; please book a callback session or alternatively please contact us either via email, phone or Whatsapp. Please see our contact pages for more information.
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