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​Please fill in the form to the right of page and you will receive an email confirming your trial lesson spot.

Receive Driven Tutor’s Assessment

A member of the Driven Tutor Team will contact you within 6 hours either via phone or email asking for son/daughter to complete a consultation paper along with a student review form designed to accurately assess the student’s strength and weaknesses.


Attend Consultations

All trial lessons are online and last 30 minutes. The aim of the session to test the student’s knowledge and understand the child’s specific educational needs and goals. This will be used to create a customised study plan that will followed  at Everest Tutors.

This is a two- way process – the trial lesson also gives students a chance to gauge the quality of tutoring that we are offering.


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The final step of the consultation involves a free telephone call-back where we discuss next steps and study plan based on the child’s exam performance and trial lesson.


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A customised study plan will be followed during your time at Everest Tutors and you will be guided towards not only achieving top results, but also building confidence and self-esteem in the process.

Booking a Meeting
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Covering NVR, VR, English & Mathematic 

In-person invigilated examinations     £56

Online invigilated examinations.          £46