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2.5 Hour Daily Sessions for 5 days per course, Monday - Friday 

The 2022 Easter course will be held online due to COVID-19


In preparation for the GCSE & A-Level Examinations commencing May 2022, Driven Tutors will be running invigilated mock examinations. This is a unique opportunity for pupils in year 11 & 13 sitting examinations for May 2022.

We understand that in-person examination will not be an option for everyone, therefore we will be running both online and offline examination.

  • An accurate assessment of the level currently performing at

  • Topics they need to work on and recommended courses at Driven Tutors

  • Format of GCSE/ A-Level Examinations

  • Feedback on exam technique

  • Exam revision techniques in buildup to the May/June exams

  • Unique set up to get students used to time pressure in a safe environment so that any nerves can be overcome ahead of the real examinations.

We highly recommend these mock exams for all final year GCSE/ A-Level, as it will provide students with: 

 We highly recommend these mock exams for all final year GCSE / A-Level year students,  considering students have not had first hand experience with sitting exams. This  will be a unique opportunity for pupils in year 11 & 13 sitting examinations for May 2022.


  • All exams will be taken in our COVID safe tuition centre and sessions will be limited to 15 pupils who will all be sat in a socially distanced manner

  • Papers will be marked during the session and reports generated to shows strengths and areas to develop. Predicted grades will also be given.

  • Pupils will be able to take papers home which will includes notations and worked questions for any errors or alternatively papers can be sent to school and used as evidence.

  • GCSE Exams will take place on the following dates:  

    • Saturday 7th of April 2021 -  English and Mathematics examinations​

    • Sunday 8th of May 2021 - Sciences examination 


  • Marks and feedback will be sent back within 72 hours of sitting the examinations and the papers will be revisited during the sessions.

  •  An accurate assessment of the level currently performing at including breakdown of your child’s score in each element of the paper, a total score for each teach and a combined score for the examinations. Next to your child’s score, we also provide the group average score to help you identify your child’s strength and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates

  • Topics that need to be revisited along with exam technique will provided


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